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2017- Scholarship of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province in the field of culture.


2016 - Nationwide competition for the design and construction of a mural on the building of the Art Department of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland – First place


2016, 2013 - ARS UNIVERSITATIS - honorary distinction in the 16th plastic art competition, Kalisz, Poland.


2015 - V Nationwide art contest – POP CULTURE ICONS - portrait of the artist and his legend – First prize, City House of Art, Wrocław, Poland.


2015 - Author of the mural on Adam Mickiewicz University in Kalisz, FESTIVAL OF ART AND SCIENCE in Kalisz, Poland




2019 – „Stencil Art Prize”, group exhibition, Tortuga Studio, Sydney, Australia.


2019 – „Digital Gods”, individual exhibition, Officyna Art & Design Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.


2019 – „Moving”, street installation - Multi Art Festival – Kalisz, Poland.


2019 – „Flora” individual exhibition, City Art Gallery of Kalisz, Poland.


2019 -  „For various reasons Vol. 3” group exhibition,Officyna Art & Design Gallery, Warsaw, Poland


2019 – „Accumulation” II Kalisz Biennale of Art, City Art Gallery of Kalisz, Poland


2018 – „Holiday in Konin” post-industrial festival Konin, Poland


2018 – „Street Art” group exhibition, Surface Gallery, Nottinghan, England.


2018 – Beyond Walls – International mural festiwal Lynn, Massachusetts, USA


2018 – „Beyond Walls” group exhibition, Museum of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA


2018 – „Art Now” group exhibition – National Museum in Cracow.

2017 – „Traffic in place” street installation - Multi Art Festival – Kalisz, Poland.


2017 - POW! WOW! Worcester – international mural festival Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.


2017 – „Geometry of sound” individual exhibition, City Art Gallery of Kalisz, Poland.


2017 – „Outside the shelf”, group exhibition, Culture Station, Rumia, Poland.


2017 – „Accumulation” I Kalisz Biennale of Art, City Art Gallery of Kalisz, Poland


2016 – „10. Triennial of Small Painting Forms” Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, Poland.


2016 – „Salon of the rejected” group exhibition, State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland.


2016 – „City Lights” group exhibition, Next Gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland.


2015 – „Printmaking workshop” group exhibition, Art University of Minsk, Belarus.


2015 – „Dissociation” individual exhibition, Mug and Pencil Gallery, Warsaw. Poland


2015 – „Pop Culture icons” post-competition exhibition, City House of Culture Wrocław, Poland.


2015 – „Bipolarity” individual exhibition, Think Art Gallery, Poznań, Poland.


2015 – „Culminations”  festival of the student culture, group exhibition, Adama Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland


2014 – „Conditions of Dissociation” individual exhibition, Entrance / Exit Gallery, Kalisz, Poland.


2014 – „Graphic from the University”, City House of Culture Kalisz / City House of Culture Sieradz, Poland


2014 – „Questions of art - Wake Up”  Museum of Kalisz, Poland


2014 – „Diplomas” Water Tower Gallery, Kalisz, Poland


2013 - 2014 - 2015 – „Stencil Jam” graffiti festival, Warsaw, Poland.


Michał Mąka


Born in 1989 in Kalisz ,Poland. Graduate of painting and graphics at the faculty of art pedagogical in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, artistic and pedagogical department in Kalisz.


I deal with painting, printmaking, photography, street art, painting the outside. Using techniques of hand-cut stencils applied with spray paint.


The paintings are important for me to reflections on the human condition and the modern world. The need to protest against double standards, sensationalism, media manipulation - stems from my relationship to the world - I'm a pacifist.


Artwork in cities: Kalisz, Poznań, Wrocław, Warszawa, Gdańsk (PL), Berlin, Roma, London, Boston, Worcester (USA), New York, Providence (USA), Bünde (GER).



2016 - 2017 - Art in the window - artistic interventions in the windows, doors, facades of abandoned tenement houses in Kalisz, Poland.


2017 - Summer in the theater – street art. workshops - Wojciech Bogusławski Theatre in Kalisz, Poland.


2017 – street art workshops - 40th anniversary of the City Art Gallery of Kalisz, Poland.


2017 – „Geometry of sound” cycle of murals in Kalisz (PL), Worcester (USA), Boston (USA), New York (USA).



Articles on websites about street art: ; ; ; ; ;



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